OCD – Intrusive Thoughts – 2


This post is where my blog starts really. It was inspired by OCD-UK and their OCD Awareness Week. I joined their Thunderclap and wrote the following comment to be attached for them to automatically post to Facebook on my behalf. I was terrified but the response I’ve had has been so positive that I’ve decided (with encouragement!) to make the posts into a blog.

Trigger warning: again, I’m unsure what to write so please use caution if necessary x

My OCD is horrendous. I am plagued by intrusive thoughts and images of things no one would want to see. Due to those thoughts I then get the compulsion to kill myself. This isn’t feeling suicidal, it’s a compulsion.  I don’t want to die. The intrusive thoughts are so bad that the compulsion is a way to escape them.

So when people joke about “being a bit OCD”, it isn’t funny. Compulsions aren’t  about lining up tins of beans or cleaning the oven. They are strategies to cope – even if they are harmful/deluded etc.

Please visit my page of help, support, information or places to talk here.


3 thoughts on “OCD – Intrusive Thoughts – 2

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  2. Intrusive thoughts are horrible. And I don’t know that anyone who hasn’t had to engage in a literal battle with their own mind can understand how exhausting it is to deal with them on a daily basis. I am very sorry to read of your struggle!

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    • Thank you, hugs to you!
      It is exhausting and scary and in sorry you’ve experienced it too. I’m in a good place at the moment and managing to keep it on top of it – long may it continue! X


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