On Robbie Williams and his hand sanitiser

Ok. I’m tired and in pain, as usual; I didn’t plan on writing a post today but I’m annoyed by media coverage and the public’s reaction, so I don’t know how long or well written this post will be but I need to write it.

The singer Robbie Williams has apparently grimaced and used hand sanitiser after touching the hands of some members of his audience at a show. The media are reporting this a Robbie being disgusted by touching “poor” or “normal” people. 
I’m so pissed off by this reaction in the media and by regular people. So often the same news/media outlets, twitter accounts, Facebook pages etc are telling us “it’s time to talk” ~ don’t be ashamed by mental health issues. Talk about it, raise awareness, don’t judge, be understanding.

And yet, when someone who has talked openly and honestly about his mental health issues outwardly displays behavior which is likely to have been related to those mental health issues he is derided, called names and laughed at. People are calling for the end of his career. 
I’m not a fan of Robbie’s music but I do admire the way he has spoken out about his mental health. I know only too well how my own hands feel at times and if I’d have been in his position I wouldn’t have even been touching all those people. That’s no judgement on the people; the hands are mine. 

So Robbie, thank you for having the strength to use your hand sanitiser and not hide away or be ashamed. 
Please remember that another person’s actions or reactions are not always a reflection or judgement on you. Please be kind.


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