Autism, sadness and processing differences

This was originally my Facebook status but I decided to copy it over here. It’s been written because I’ve been going through something really sad, but I’m ok. No one can seem to understand how I can be ok with this and not in a puddle on the floor. I did cry, I was a mess, but now I’m not. This has been a long time coming and what happened was a sure fire way of stopping my feelings dead (I think I’ll need to write further on this at some point).

So, I am ok and that’s ok! {^_^}
Here it is:

Some think that Autism Awareness is enough, they can’t see or understand the difference between that and Autism Acceptance. There is a big difference.

Autism Awareness means you’ve heard about Autism, you might even know a little about it, or have an Autistic friend or relative. That’s about as involved as it can be, on a basic level. You may or may not be pro-cure (although I’d hope you’d be anti-cure if you’re on my friend list).

Autism Acceptance is pretty literal – it means that you accept Autistic behaviour; you accept Autistic actions; you accept Autistic thought processes; you accept Autistic processing differences and so on. You accept Autistic people for who they are and don’t want to change them and don’t make them feel the need to mask their differences.

We process things really differently to allistic people (non autistic people), but that doesn’t make us wrong, bad or less; we’re just different and that should be embraced by everyone, including autistic people. Don’t expect the same reactions you’d have, if you’re allistic, it’s not going to happen (unless there’s masking going on).

Let us be, let us process in our own way, if even it seems alien to you (you seem alien to us too šŸ˜œ).


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